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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Straight Talk on Korea and WikiLeaks

Ok, as the saber rattling intesifies in Korea, it must be understood, particulalrly by the South Koreans who , and rightly so, are seeking some form of retribution for the North's continuing madness against them, that each and every step towards confrontation and conflict in the region is a victory for North Korea plain and simple! North korea has only one option, only one card in its hand to play, and that is the card of war against its neighbor! And with such a weak hand , and even more importantly, with you knowing what they have in their hand ,why would you play to it! The strength of the North koreans is withering on the vine, and soon even their long time ally China will have to rebuke them, beacuse the playing of the war card is not in China's interest as well! North korea is like a drowning man. Failing about wildly, looking to drag anyone it can down with it. So I say to South Korea and to everyone involved in this situation, let North Korea fall! For them its very simple: change or die! But you will not drag anyone down into the pit with you! Let them remain isolated, sanctioned, and embargoed, let them remain alone, pulling ever harder on china's  coattails until they simply become more trouble than they are worth!(and that day is fast coming) And when even China comes to the realization that North korea must change or die, as China did, we will see a final end to the madness and a lasting peace and prosperity for all in the region! As the saying goes and as North korea must realize: one monkey dont stop the show, and the world will go on with or without North korea plain and simple!

And now on to the Wikileaks situation. Sensationalism and tabloidism for tabloidisms sake serves no purpose, and when it endangers global diplomacy and global policies, it must be decried! Those who leak such sensitive information in the interest of sensationalism and tabloidism and that interest only are nothing more than terrorists themselves! And they should be treated as such! The criminality of such actions knows no bounds, and with that being clear, those who leak such information for no better interests than sensationalism and tabloidism must be held accountable! The US Dept of State needs to put on the fast track actions that will lead to the swift procecution of any and all invovled in said leaks, and stringent penalties need to be applied so those who would "wikileak" understand that there is a price to pay for such irresponsibility of action on a global scale!!!

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