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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Obama a island?

They say No man is a island, but given the results of this past week, President Obama just may become one. Im sure he is feeling twinges of isolation as his Far east trip ends, and it will no doubt be reinforced when he returns to America to face a re-energized and chomping at the Bit republican party! But if Obama is a island, the democrats better start realizing that it is a island that they live on! Abandoning it wont work IE: this past election day, Gore leaving Clinton island in 2000, and the republicans drowning in the sea in droves, in 2006 leaving Bushland! Obama and his policies may now be a island, but the waters around the island is what needs to be concerned with by all democrats, not the ground that they,like it or not stand upon! Ground is ground,  and in a war such as this, it is the army that HOLDS the ground that wins the war. SO welcome to Obama Island Democrats, Either stand and fight or face certain destruction in the seas, republican seas that surround you! And i guarantee you YOU WILL  be destroyed if you take to the sea where the republican sharks are waiting!!! SO democrats better start Kissing the ground they walk on because if they dont------!!!

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