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Monday, November 1, 2010


What if the republicans do get back control of congress tomorrow? If they do how do you think that will affect NYS? Given the history of republicans in washington treating NY with disdain, I would think not that well! NY has borne the brunt of this recession   with very little assistance from Washington and if the republicans take control, you can be assured that even less assistance will come from DC. If the republicans take control of Congress do you think they will work in a bi-partisan fahsion? Well since they havent done it as the minority Im highly doubtfull they will do it as a majority! If the republicans take back congress will they truly pursue a agenda that puts jobs first, or will they pursue the same  old mantras of dereg, and tax cuts. more than likely again given their history! and if the the republicans take back congress will this lead to a schism in the democratic party against President Obama leading to primary challenges for him in 2012(if indeed he decides to run again)? the answer to that, again given history is decidedly YES! The sad fact of the matter is that a party that was D.O.A. is looking to rise from the grave tomorrow night in America as a even bigger horror than it was in 2008, and that is a sad thing. Sad for this nation and sadder for all the people who truly believed and hoped that change had come to America. For while the democrats basked in the sun, the republicans worked in the arcane darkness to bring us from the brightest of days to the blackest of nights, and that is what tomorrow night is looming to be in America!

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