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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pelosi,Rangel, and the new political reality

The Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-affirmation are just two signs of a new political reality that has come to dawn in the wake of the Nov. election.  Because what but a new political reality could have expedited the Rangel "trial"(and I use that world loosely) in such a manner? Clearly it was matter of Political fear than anything else that has denied the long time Political cornerstone his right to due process and a fair trial. This casual shoving aside of Congressman Rangel is clearly a Knee jerk reaction to the new political reality that is taking shape on capitol hill. But a greater sign of significance as it regards to that new reality is the re-affirmation of Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader in the House. For while she is widely seen as the reason for the landslide election of house republicans and tea partiers a couple of weeks back, her re-election as democratic leader shows the true nature of the republican victory. It is a tenuous grip on Power that is had by the new house republican/tea party alliance, and it is a VERY fragile new political reality. A reality where someone Like leader Pelosi could engineer one of the greatest Political comebacks in recent memory. Because the new political reality, forged in rhetoric and rabble , is filled with pitfalls. And what was for the republicans, a thrilling victory could easily turn to a agonizing  defeat in 2012.  Reality. Political  reality. And the Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-election are weathervanes to what is to come. Challenge and crisis.

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