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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhetoric vs reality redux!

Now that the republicans have successfully resurged in congress and in American Politics, it will be interesting to see how they reconcile the rhetoric of the last 2 years with the social realities that have taken hold in America. The republicans did a masterful job of domininating the media with their message, and given the non-existant response from the democrats, its a small wonder that all of congress didnt fall into their hands.But now that the politicking is over, the hard realities have come to bear, and true to their nature the republicans are quickly putting those reality to a back seat in favor of===MORE rhetoric and politics!!  One day in and they are stating that their main goal is to"dump obama" What about unemployment? How are they going to reconcile denying unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed with cutting taxes for the rich? How are they going to reconcile stopping the stimulus and cutting gov JOBS with deregulating Buisness?How are the republicans going to be, well republicans, without quickly, as in 2 years quickly, putting themselves back into the pickle that they were in prior to this election? As I have said many times on this blog, its all comes down to rhetoric giving way to reality, and for the republicans  soon VERY soon,there will be no further avoiding of that! There is work to be done, and politics will soon get very old and you can trust me on that!

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