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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

election 2010 aftermath (into the shark tank!)

In the aftermath of election 2010 it is clear that the democrats have, instead of jumping the shark,   went directly into the shark tank with the massive national defeat of last evening in America. And with Obama now officially becoming shark bait, we only have to wait to see how long before the republican feeding frenzy begins! The results of last evenings election was a hard learned lesson in Bi-partisanship for the Obama administration, and a harder learned lesson  about the nature of Politics for President Obama. The republicans arent interested in Bi-partisanship or cooperation, only power and control! It boggles my mind in the wake of this debacle, that from day one, when Rush Limbaugh came out and told him that he wanted him to fail that he didnt take it seriously! But he didnt, and the republicans did what they said they would do, they made him fail! And now that he has fallen and fallen quite hard, it will be for President Obama to assemble political experts and strategists to help him deal with the political shark tank that he is now floating in. Because make no mistake the next goal of the republican party is 2012 and the presidency. There will be no talk of Bi-partisanship, no hands reached across the aisle. As the cover comes off of the tea party and republicanism is advanced it will be up to President Obama to do everything he can to not end up dinner, because after last evenings debacle, he is definately on the menu!

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