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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Uppity negrow syndrome(and other political thoughts)

Are the republicans and their media giving Obama the "uppitty Negrow" treatment? The answer is: You damn well bet they are! From Sean Hannity on Fox daily calling the president "the anointed one" to the many other repubican commentators and such IE: Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Glenn Beck, it is clear that once again In America, a negrow has gotten too "uppitty" and needed to be "humbled" Why oh why is it in America that whenever A black man raises the bar, and raises his profile it allways and i mean allways comes to this?! Obama, Tiger, from the Minute they excel to "that"level, the next thing that happens is Operation "Humble the uppity negrow"!! In 2006 we were all about how it was the beginning of a "post racial" america. But clearly, with this clear and vicious attempt by the republican party to somehow put the  president in his place, I mean come on, Oreilly has him on the cover of his book under the sign of Pinhead! The president mind you! It is clear that it was way too early to "anoit" these times with that moniker!!!Post racial? Give me a break!

Speaking of presidents, its nice to see G.W. Bush gaining a measure of respect and good will on his book tour from the people. I am of the mind that Bush and his presidency, like his father before him, was as much a victim of out of control republican politics as was America itself. He was swept along by the wave of his s time along with everyone else. And while that wave lead to many bad decisions being made,   EVERYONE made them, republican and democrat, Not just President Bush II. Its good too see that the darkness of that time and the politics of same didnt take his smile and his sense of Humor. I for one, do hope that history shines on GW Bush with a kind light.

And lastly on the G2  summit  and the economy as a whole.
Again, while the president is to be commended for trying to assemble a coalition of the willing, the true face of Americas economic woes stood revealed at the G2 summit. Noone wants to play fair with america, noone wants to be  on a level playing field. Simply put America, whether the world likes it or not ,is going to have to play economic, and monetary hard ball. We can no longer afford to be the cash cow of the world. And if they feel they can prosper without the american market then let them. If we dont take a stand now, we will certainly fall economically later!   We need to protect our market, demand greater and fairer access to theirs and if they dont like it, we have to stand up and say, to hell with you!!! To quote a phrase Fair is fair!!! And if they dont want to play fair, then we should take our markets and go home!!!

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