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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A line in the sand

One of former President  GHW Bush's greatest legacy was some of his iconic contributions to the american lexicon of phrases '"read my lips, no new taxes" "This will not stand" and other such catchy phrases. But His greatest staement was of course "a line in the sand" refering to dealing with Iraq and Saddam Hussein and that is a phrase that Current President Barrack Obama needs to take to heart as he deals later this week with the new republican congress on issues such as taxes and unemployment among other things! Obama must draw his legislative line in the sand, and like Bush before him, be resolved behind it! Because to be frank the more he gives the more the republicans will take! And every bit of political ground that President Obama relinquishes will become another brick in the political Foundation the republicans are building for 2013! though Obama seems to be loathe to do it, he must FIGHT!!! America cannot afford compromise toward the republican agenda. America cannot afford weakness against the republican agenda. Obama must draw a line in the sand and then he must defend it! Because the alternative, compromise,well we've allready seen where that has lead us IE: watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and a political landslide!
A line in the sand was a legacy moment for former President GHW Bush, and his resolve on that is something for which he will be forever remembered. And this upcoming legislative session will be a legacy moment for President Obama, will he continue to cave/"compromise" to republican interests or will he draw a line in the sand? Because to be frank the rest of his presidency may depend on this decision!

And as far as the Korean situation goes, this dance has gone on too long. WE need to get tougher with China the facilitator of this, and limiting access to american markets would be the best way to do it. The decreasing of this revenue stream would do china greater damage than anything, and it would serve to remind them of the power that America holds. Its time that China pulls the strings on its puppet, North Korea, and its time that we tighten up on China, which does so little for but gains so much from America!!!

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