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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The RNC day 2 review

It is sad that in the face of henious racism at the RNC, a Black woman may have saved the Presidential hopes of the G.O.P.! Condolezza Rice extended her VERY long Coattail and the entire republican party latched on to it! Pulling a convention that was tettering on the brink back onto solid ground! Last night the republican political rocket launched, and it was due to Condoleeza Rice providing the rocket fuel! She set it up and Paul Ryan knocked it down!But the story from last evening was clearly Dr. Rice because, to quote her phrase,"she could be president of the USA if she wanted to be" a bold statement made by a person of color at a convention where racism has raised its cowardly ugly head! That aside ,with Dr Rice having set the stage, it now falls to Mitt Romney to bring it all home this evening! Tonight is the most important speech of Mitts political life! Tonight is the night that his dreams are finally realized or once again deferred! Its Mitt and America tonight, and yes Mitt the nation will be watching! Final review tomorrow folks, see you then!

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