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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speak now or forever hold thy peace!

As the presidential race heads into the red zone, the time has come, particularly for the Obama Campaign, to speak now or forever hold its peace as it pertains to its second term ambitions! One of the things that has pariticularly galled me in this re-election effort, is the deafening silence by the Obama campaign regarding Congress and the record of same! Because given the record of congress, particularly in comparision to the record of the Obama administration, it is a gong that should be relentlessly banged! If I was a strategist for the Obama campaign, I would say to, lets say Stephanie Cutter(she's cute)  that the president should be saying things like "They say i cant run on my record, but lets look at my record in comparison to congress! They tried to criticize me for deficit spending. I enacted a stimulus that saved america from recession, congress gave us a war that was unnecessary and a war that i didnt support! I enacted legislation that saved the auto industry and resotred them to global prominence, congress was willing to let them die! I created health care for all americans, congress fought for tax cuts for the rich! And they say i cant run on my record?! For the past four years while Ive put forward legislation like the American jobs act, congress one and only stated purpose has been to make me a one term president, to make me fail
they say I cant run on my record well I say to the republicans can you run on yours!!!" This is what I would have the president state from the podium in North Carolina later this month! And is something that should have been , and should be part of the debate as this election comes to a end! because there is no tomorrow, there is no time to wait, the time is now to speak or forever hold thy peace! Because with congress being the main problem, they should be part of the solution! Can you run on your record mr. president? YES YOU CAN!!!!

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