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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Homestretch looms!

With Both the Democratic and Republican conventions approaching, it should be clear that, for the Presidential race, the homestrech looms!!! And in a few short weeks the atmoshpere will turn from fun in the political sun so to speak, to fall seriousness! Because while Romney has done, and had done to him, everything that could be imagined, he is still in this race! He has untold millions at his disposal and little to lose, so, in this race, he can afford to play to win! And make no mistake, gaffes,  misques, and questions aside, he could still stumble his way into the white house! As for the White House, the coming fall season is where they will either pull away in this race, or tough it out until the concession speeches are made on election night,! This will be, for the Obama administration in the next few weeks, make or break! Where it( the Obama administration) will establish itself as a clear and better choice for America, or if it will allow lingering doubt and question to fester into the voting booth! Simply put it is about to be, for President Obama, a take charge moment, and if he doesnt rise to the moment, then someone else, that someone else being Mitt Romney, may end up taking charge!!! So as the Homestrech in this long race looms for both campaigns, it is time to see which jockey can sit low in the seat, and Bring their horse in over the finish line a winner!!!!

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