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Friday, July 27, 2012

The road thus far travelled( a analysis of the Presidential race at this point!)

As we look at the road thus far travelled on the presidential campaign trail, it is clear that the engagement on the field of political battle by the president, as opposed to allowing the republicans a unchallenged theatre as was done for nearly all of the past 3 years, is bearing significant fruit for the Obama re-election campaign! For by forcing and driving the debate, the Obama administration is driving the Romney campaign into making serious mistakes and serious public blunders, the latest of which is the London Olympic fiasco!! The Obama administration  is setting itself up for a a good strech run into the fall debates and vote, and it is this meeting on the summer field of battle that has engineered it! As for the Romney campaign it is quite simple, as long as Mitt Romney continues to try to be THE republican that everyone wants, instead of focusing on being the Mitt Romney that everyone wants, he will continue to falter and misstep! Mitt needs to be Mitt! Not firebrand Mitt, not conservative Mitt, not foriegn policy Mitt, Just simply Mitt! And he needs to start being Mitt Now and not later! Because while Obama is a clearly weakened president, Romney will not stumble into the white house with continued public fumbles like this!
Mitt needs to go back to being the Mitt who won in Mass. because the Mitt who outlasted the other candidates in the republican primary season isnt cutting it, and will not win the white house!
Mitt must serve only one master, and that must be himself! Because this trying to be everything to everyone is pulling his campaign and hopes for the white house aprt!

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