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Friday, July 6, 2012

Straight Talk on the presidential election

With the latest anemic job report the focus continues to be, in this electorial cycle, on the economy! So, given that,   it's very well met that President Obama has denied the republicans a media theatre unchallenged as he did with Obamacare! By being out there and engaging on media ground ,the president has negated a huge advanatge that the republicans had and still hold! For even with the failure of their saturation bombs at the supreme court level, the republicans remain relentless in the media, and they will up until the vote is cast! So a summer on the road engaging the republicans on media ground is time well spent for the Obama administration! As far as the continued unemployment crisis in America goes, my question, as should the question of all americans be is: Where are the Job creators, and where is the job creation? And why isnt congress, instead of playing politics, working to stimulate job creation in America? AS they used to say on arsenio HMMMM? Who would have thought that Mitt Romney would be this close to becoming president a few short months ago? He has weathered the storm, but the greatest challenge is for him yet to come! Because barring any major miscue, it will indeed be his acceptance speech at the republican convention, and his performance at the first presidential debate that will decide if the destiny he has pursued for so long will be realized! And oh yes there is the little thing of choosing a running mate!!!! I think that's enough straight talk for now, and by the way given the stubborn nature of this unemeplyment crisis, I do think that congress should be considering a Jobs stimulus for the millions of Unemployed that they are supposed to serve!!

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