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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4 1776

July 4 1776, a day unlike any other, for on that day the future of the world was writ! For on that day, people came together and decided that, as one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for ALL ,they would step forward into the forefront of the world! July 4 1776 ,when the future and fortunes of the world would shift irrevocably from the eastern world forever into the west, from the old world into the new! And as we mark this momentous occasion ,we ,as americans, need to remember the significance of that! From the old world into the new! And not with trepidation or doubt, but boldly with the hope and intent of finding that something better! Be it a life free of percecution or a simple new start. July 4 1776 the day that a nation was born. A nation that became far more than just that, because on July 4 1776 a Ideal was created and a standard was set, the Highest of standards! And ever since that fateful day in 1776 the world has striven to follow and reach that standard. So as we ,Americans, celebrate the date, let us not forget what it stands for, what we stand for, who we are! WE are americans, and this is America! The greatest nation in the world, the highest standard ever set by a nation and its people in world history, let  us continue to live up to that standard!!! Happy B-day AMERICA!!!!

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