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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deja Vu, the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision and all things political!

In the aftermath of the supreme court decision upholding "obamacare, I find it disheartening that rather than press the political advanatage, the president instead has chosen to try to remain above "politics" Uh this is a RACE Mr. President, and a very close one, and you just scored a needed political victory, you should have taken the victory lap!!  Speaking of the race, it is eerie how 2012 is mirroring 1996! The names have changed  Clinton to Obama, Gingrich to Boehner, Dole to Romney, Reno to Holder, Starr to Issa, Whitewater to Fast and Furious. The names have indeed changed, but the political song remains the same! And in 1996 ,as history tells us, the democrats pulled out a resounding victory in the face of clearly politically motivated scandalizing of the incumbent administration  by the republican party! Can you say deja vu anyone? People keep decrying Mitt Romney but he just keeps coming! As i've said he is running the race of his life, and if he is not taken VERY seriously, he can win!!!! Will Justice Roberts ever be able to live down his not playing partisan politics for the conservatives! Talk about a bunch of sore losers!!! And its so blatantly political that with America teetering on the brink of a unemployment emergency, the republicans can seem to do nothing but focus on the overtly political ! When have I seen this before----?

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