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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slanted View

It is amazing how the republicans, yet again in their question to secure total republican power in America, have went all out in their efforts to slant the political view in America. And its so sad that it seems the Dems have not learned the lessons of 2000, when the republicans with a onslaught of lies, mispresentation, racism and all the rest, sntached a sure thing away from Al Gore and Gave us the 8 year republican nightmare that we are still recovering from in America! From White water and Swiftboating, then, to Solyndra and Birthers now, from Janet Reno then to Eric Holder Now, its picturebook republicanism, a slanted view of racist colored glasses that leads to where weve allready been! And the sad thing is, there are a lot of Americans who are ready yet again to fall for it!!! The time has come for the Obama Camapign to unleash hell! And By hell I mean the realities of republicanism! Tell the truth, show the examples and remind everyone before its too late and we are right back where we, as a nation ran away from in 2008!!!

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