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Friday, June 1, 2012

a Grim Fairy Tale!

Let me tell you all a VERY grim fairy tale!On a cold january day in 2013, after taking the Oath of office Mitt  Romney declares that Change has finally come to America! A Grim Fairy tale indeed, but one that could become reality, if America doesnt get up on its P's & Q's!!!!! Because lets be frank, can anyone, anyone tell a time in recent memeory where the republicans have fostered economic growth in America? Or created a jobs boom in America, or created a budget surplus in America?The fact of the matter is the architects of the economic chaos we continue to struggle against in America were, and are the republicans! And another fact is if the republicans return to power in 2013, for the majority of Americans things will go from bad to worse, as in Greece worse!!!! Mitt Romney may be a fine candidate for office, but it is the power behind the throne that we, as americans must be concerned with! Because it is they who  are crafting and creating a Grim fairy tale! A grim fairy tale, that will become harsh reality if President Obama is not re-elected in 2013. A fairy tale with no happily ever after! Guaranteed!!!

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