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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From The Political Grill!

A few things from the Political grill: Birther BS yet again? And as usual a half hearted rebuke by the republicans!  Has there ever been a president who has been so besmirched by his fellow americans?! This borders on treason! They destroyed the Dixie Chicks careers for less! It may be time indeed for the USA to go to the UN floor regarding Syria! Marco Rubio, No big deal! Fox News reminds me of 1313 Mockingbird Lane,(from the MUNSTERS) every house next to it is filled with sunshine and birds singing, but when you get to FOX News, its all gloom and doom and end of the world as we know it! Has Mitt released a humanizing spot yet? I hope that Preparations are being made to address the economic contagion that will take place if and when Greece leaves the European union! Speaking of economics, when will President Obama stand up and say what the facts bear out?That he has, with his policies, engineered a economic turnaround! Is  the nation better of than four years ago? The facts and figures say yes! And lastly from the grill, it is so sad that here some 12 years after, afghanistan, due to our"distraction" in Iraq, is no better off than it was when we first arrived! A golden opportunity squandered by politics and bad decisions!

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