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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painted into a corner!!!

During the Republican Primary process, Mitt Romney, due to the volitile nature of the republican electorate was forced to paint himself as a extremist in order to maintain his status as a presidential candidate, effectively painting himself into a corner! Then one by one his opposition fell by the wayside, so given that the need for extremsim has now been negated, why does Mitt continue to paint himself into the proverbial corner as he seeks to become president? Mitt needs to remember that he was seen as the alternative by much of the republican electorate and conservative dems, the candidate who, unlike his peers was the most electable, the most reasonable, the most in touch with reality of the republican field. But it seems that Mitt is determined to leave that perception on the field of extremism! Put down that paintbrush Mitt, because not only are you painting yourself into a concern, youre painting over your LAST CHANCE!!

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