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Friday, May 4, 2012

When up is down and down is up!!

I was sitting at home today( as I now do given my personal employment situation) watching the Buisness developments in America and while I watched I was curiously subjected to the strangest of things: As we all know for MONTHS now, the unemployment rate has steadily declined, to, and Im quoting here, its lowest rate in 3 years, but according to the media pundits and republicans this is not a measure of success! So essentially, what were are being led to beleive is that Up, in this current media and political world ,is down, and down is UP! Curious physics, that, and even more curious of a stat! It seems that only in a world where a Black president is  up for re-election that success is somehow deemed a failure! I mean, hasnt the Unemployment rate been hovering close to 10 percent since 2007? So a steady decrease does mean that we are, however slowly, getting a handle on the problem? That is what the numbers are telling me! But facts aside, it seems that the media, and the republicans would have us believe that, ALL OF A SUDDEN, everyone has simply stopped applying for unemployment? In what fantasy world is this??!!!! Youd think that such success would be trumpeted and celebrated (HINT HINT POTUS & DEMS) but in this bizzaro world of Politics for politics sake, success is somehow failure and failure is somehow success?!! Go figure America, but just remember when you attempt to do such math, apparently NUMBERS LIE!!!!

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