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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney and why should he be President?

I think that despite all the hoopa and caterwauling that has surrounded this presidential electorial cycle, there is one question that has yet to be answered to the satisfaction of America, and that question is: WHO is Mitt Romney?! Which leads to the second and more important question:WHYshould he be president? And with these questions remaining largely unaswered by the primaries and by the candidate himself, I think it is time America got some answers! Mitt has let everything and everyone define him during his candidacy, it is that which has led to his candidacy being undermined and subverted, it is that which has led to every sort of doubt being expressed, so given that, I think that it is high time that we got some straight talk from Mitt Romney the candidate himself! Mitt Romney to America. One on millions. Not Mitt the candidate, not Mitt the Media Image, the real, honest and true Mitt Romney! Because that will go a long way, more than anything that has gone before in this campaign, to answer the two questions that are on everyones minds: WHO is Mitt Romney REALLY, and WHY should he be president?
And by the way, could someone please put Cory Booker out please! Playing with fire like that he just burned away his political future!!!

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