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Monday, May 21, 2012

where there's smoke-------!!!

With the furor now being raised over Mayor Cory Booker's comments regarding Bain capital now reaching a crecesendo in the media, i would say to Mayor Booker's Ill timed and 1% sounding criticism, the simple saying of"where there is smoke----!! Mr. Romney has stated his job creating credentials and Bain capital is the majority of his Buisness experience so, its fair game! But I would say to the Mayor of Newark New Jersey, one of the places hardest hit by the financial crisis, that for you to decry the justifed criticism of the slanted Buisness climate and system in America is simply ludicrious, and it undermines any creditability you have as a "leader"!!! Taking the easy road, the low road, is never a example of political courage, and in this criticism of the president you have taken the path that many before you have taken. And In the face of such things as the economic meltdown, TARP,  JP Morgan Chase and so much more, it only proves that we have a serious priority and character problem with leadership in America!!!! It is such co-opted leadership as this that created the economic crisis in the first place, not to mention wars and so much more! We need leadership that will stand up for the people, not to continue the failed policies of greed and avarice that got us into this situation!!! Where there is smoke Mayor Booker there is usually fire, be careful that your political ambitions dont get burned in it!!!!

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