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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama, Romney, the Middle,and how Pride and prejudice are driving this election!

With this Presidential race being so strongly contested, it remains to be seen how President Obama will hold the Middle , and how Mitt Romney will find a way to get to the middle without alienating the bases of Pride and Prejudice that are at the center of republicanism and conservatism! Firstly it is to his credit that President Obama has begun to roar, so to speak, in this presidential cycle. The republicans have had a uncontested theatre , and it well met that the President is challenging them, both in the media theatre and on their political strengths! Because the republicans have gone for so long without being challenged that they are hard pressed and unprepared to meet it!(Obama's challenge) And As Mitt Romney, and the republicans search for a way to make true inroads, the fact remains that as long as the bases of pride, which is the republican establishment, and the base of prejudice which is the republican extreme, continue to drive and shape the republican candidacy,the middle, which is the key to securing this election, will be Obama's to maintain! Romney must find a way to divest himself of the perception that he is both a tool of the republican establishment and at the whims of the republican conservative extremists, because if he doesnt, republican moderates and democratic conservatives will pass him over in Nov.! And If Romney Loses, the republicans will have Both their Pride & their prejudice to blame!!

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