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Monday, April 30, 2012

political leftovers!

Let's enjoy some of the political leftovers from the Big dinner over the weekend shall we? Firstly :Do you think the growing elitism of the Correspondents dinner is endearing DC to America or further alienating it? I say the latter! Is the elimination of Bin Laden a camapign issue? If Mitt and the republicans make it one , yes! Simply put this was truly "mission accomplished! And you have to think in retrospect how many American lives  would have been spared if this had been the focus than say, a unnecessary war in Iraq! Who will be Romneys running mate? It will be interesting to see if the republicans can avoid another eclipsing of their nominee by their VP pick!
Is it time for a first lady debate? With the way they are continually trotted out on the campaign trial it just might be!John Boehner is a lame duck as speaker no matter who wins the presidency! Look for a no confidence vote early in 2013! and lastly, no matter what the back and forth in the media and on the campaign trail this summer, this presidential race will be decided where it has gained the most significance: ON THE DEBATE STAGE!!! Ok time to put these leftovers back in the fridge!!!

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