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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the struggle to command!

Now that Mitt Romeny has sealed his position as the Republican Nominee, the true struggle to command begins! And that battle will be waged in whose message will resonate!!! The office of President will be won in the battle of words! Whose words matter more, how pointed they are, and where they strike!And in this game of thrones, it must be understood that wasted words are the path to opportunity lost! Message must be met  and countered, because indeed, if the strength of one candidates message is effectively blunted, then victory for the other candidate is assured! Mitt Romney is counting on his economic message to Blunt Obama's efforts, in the manner in which Health care was blunted in 2010, so President Obama would do well to focus on overturning that basket, now as opposed to later! The struggle to command is indeed a war, and without the proper strategems employed, it is a war that could be lost, and as such where things stand cannot and must not be lost on either Republican effort or democratic!

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