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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A few words about this & that!!

Just wanna say a  few words about political this's and thats!!! Firstly: While the Secret Svc incident is a embarassment and a dereliction of duty, they are still only human! Heads will roll, and they should, but hey, we're talking COLUMBIAN HOOKERS here!:) I see a few republican rags made a small fuss about Sec of State Hillary Clinton having a little me time. Well I think its high time that we in America address this 18th century version of Morality that we seem to have when it comes to American politics, and how it relates to American sociology!!! If Hillary cant have me time, then who can? Far as the latest WAR photos from Afghanistan goes, if the Muslim world were as outraged over the fact that their people are blowing themselves up as they are over such photos, the world would be a better place! Not saying we are justified, because as long as we profess to be the moral center and guardian of the world, we can never do such things, but when people who revel in such things as beheadings, the maiming and the killing of women, and , as I'll never forget, people who DANCED in the streets after 9/11/01 become outraged over such issues, its like the pot calling the kettle black!! If President Obama doesnt treat this re-election fight like the fight it is, he may indeed have to Pack his bags! Mitt Romney may be a "weak" candidate but he has and will have a lot behind him as this camapign progresses, and if Barrack Obama wants to spare himself, and all those who support him, the ignominity of his being a "one term president" then he'd better ramp it up and keep it ramped up until, as ive said here before, THE REPUBLICAN CONCEDES!!! OK, well thats more than a few words, later!

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