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Friday, April 20, 2012

If I ran the Romney Campaign!!

If I ran the Romney campaign, My prime objective would be to insure that my candidate does not become a one trick pony! Romney's claim of Economic superiority can and should be fast undermined by the reality of Obama's successes economically IE: the Auto bailout, the stimulus, TARP, and the continually improving unemployment rate, so Mitt Romney cannot afford to become a Rick Santorum, locked into one niche. Somehow, I would endeavor to create a greater focus on Mitt, as a everyman, as a person, as someone Id like to vote for. Because in the end, THAT is where Mitt will either succeed or fail! If he is seen as someone that people from New Hampshire to LA would like to see as president, and would vote for then he will win. Because  sad to say (for Mitt  and the republicans) the economic message simply will not be enough! the Ann Romney Ads, for example were a  step in the right direction, but It is Mitt who must take that center stage and create a relatable appeal, and he only has 6 months to do it! That is what id do if I was running the Romney Campaign!

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