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Friday, April 13, 2012

Political Potpourri!!!

OK folks here's aheaping helping of all things national.

While it should be clear that Mothering is the hardest job any woman can have, the republicans can in no way stand up for women's right to choose! Last I saw they(The Republicans) were fighting to take away that very right! People keep Talking about Mitt Romney's "unlikeability". I assure you he will become VERY liked among republicans after the republican convention! Sarah Palin, so Hot, both physically and politically, but she keeps saying the wrong things!!!!! Allen West for VP? Are you serious Sarah? On the VP note, I wonder if Mitt offered Sarah Palin the VP job would she take it? President Obama, stop with the statesmanship and remember, this is a FIGHT!!! Your opponents are not, and will not be playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules! Remember 2010 and the health care debate!!!! Nothing has changed, they still want you to be a one term president and a failure!!! And if you revert to that 2010 posture you will be!!! How many months of economic growth & declining Jobless Nos. will it take before it is admitted that the US is recovery mode? The silence from the republican congress lately is truly deafening, they are in serious trouble, and John Boheners leadership position is going, going gone!  Well thats it people,
enjoy the strange political brew!

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