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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Long Hot Summer!!

With Mitt Romney finally securing(apparently) the G.O.P. nod, it seems that we in America have a long hot summer of presidentital politics to look forward to! For with the field cleared and with the race now being one on one, look for the media, which has allready gorged itself at the teat of triviality, to engage even further into the depths of mediocre pursuit! This is a race for the future , for all the marbles, for the presidency!And I for one, given the importance and the significance of the next 6 months , do hope that triviality doesnt rule the day! Because this summer is going to be long and hot enough regardless! It;s President Obama, It's Mitt Romney, its democrats, it's republicans, its rhetoric, it's reality, it's fact, and it's fallacy, but most of all IT"S IMPORTANT!!! And lets not let that be lost in the heat of the Long political summer!!!

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