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Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 years later!(Rodney king & racism in America)

One of the more heinous examples of racism in America in the last century is the beating of Rodney King! A outrage that highlighted the indifferance that much of society had and still has, sad to say, towards the rights, lives, and dignity of black men! And now here, some 20 years later, 20 years after the beating, Simi Valley, and the riots that followed, with the struggle to get justice for trayvon martin, and all other kinds of racism clearly still prelevant in America, the question so succintly posed by mr. King to all of America still remains unanswered: Can we all just get along? And that still is the question, can, like another King before Rodney, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "little black boys and little white boys play together" without the shadow of racism? Can we as a people , as americans, get to the promised land together, without the chaos and confusion casued by those who would use the racist premises of white privillege, and white supriority to divide us? Can we in America end racism as a mitigating factor in our society? Well with Black America still having to march by the thousands to get the simplest of actions to be taken, with brown people being routinely stereotyped and negatively profiled, with asian people being  targeted I think the answer to that question remains very clear, as long as we, by inaction and indifferance, allow racism to flourish and continue, then we will never be able to get along. And that is a sad statement to make, here, some 20 years later in America!!!

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