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Friday, April 6, 2012

Republican rhetoric Vs Obama's reality and a few words about 2016

With the republican nomination almost secure in Romneys hands, the final showdown between republican rhetoric(which will now become Romneys rhetoric) and the reality of Obama's policies of the last four years has begun! Will it be a repeat of 2010, where the passivity of the democrats and the Obama administration, and the hubris of same, led to a devastating defeat for democrats and a resurgence of of a republican party that was all but dead, or will it be a aggressive push by the democrats ,as they did in 2008, that regulated the republican party to the fringe? The next 6 months will tell, but   make no mistake, this is and will be a battle between rhetoric & reality! And the voice of same who holds the field will win the day! If  the rhetoric of the republicans drowns out the reality of democratic success, as it was allowed to in 2010 then President Obama will indeed be a "one term president". But, If the president can once again grasp and hold the attention of the nation, and then regale them with the success of things like the stimulus, the auto bail out, the end of the war in Iraq, the killing of Bin Laden, and the steady decline of the jobless rate, and the rise of wall street, then his re-eelction is secure! Rhetoric Vs reality which side are you on America?

And, with this election now in full swing, it is very interesting how this election sets up quite a political stage for the future, because the current republican dustup is nothing to what we will see in 2016, win or lose for the republicans! Because lets be frank here, If Romney does somehow pull it off, unless he has a economic resurgence of clintonian proportions, he will be primaried in 2016, and you can see many of those who will challenge him , if he wins, in support of him now.Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and more, and of course the shadow of Sarah Palin will more than likely loom over all(especially after her upcoming speech at the Republican Convention later this year! And, if he doesnt win, look for all of these individuals named to be engaged in a political donnybrook in 2016! And dont think that this doesnt extend to the Dems as well, because if Obama wins, you can expect Joe Biden to be primaried(if he decides to run in 2016) as well! with Govs Like Andrew Cuomo chomping at the bit, and with the womens vote becoming a major factor(can you say Hillary 2016, and make no mistake Hillary will be at the top of everyones list in 2016) you can say that 2012 may indeed be only a prelim for the main political even that is to come in 2016!!!

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