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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The debt!

As Barrack Obama  races for re-election, he needs to recognize and remember the debt that is owed, and has yet to be paid! For as he contends for re-election, it will ,Once again, be the Black vote that provides the foundation upon which he will stand! The black vote that will bolster him when he falters, and it will be the black vote that will shine like a light when he is surrounded by the political darkness! President Clinton, before Barrack Obama recognized the massive debt that he, as a Democratic president Running for re-election, owed to the Black vote, and he never forgot it, and to this day he pays homage to it! And as President Obama struggles to make his way in a contentious election, indeed in a election where most of the contention is formed in and will be based in race, President Obama , I hope will remember that, while so many have wished and worked for him to fail, the black vote has and will work for him to succeed! And that is a Debt Mr. Obama, that win or lose, can never be repaid, and should be allways Honored!!!

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