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Friday, June 22, 2012

race&politics(the political race)

From stop & frisk in NY to papers please in Arizona and more, the role, the shameful role I might add, of race in politics today is simply Unamerican! And of course who is at the forefront in spearheading this effort? Republicans and those who can only see in four colors, black, white ,brown, & green! I mean are they stopping and frisking Italians down in little Italy, or perhaps red headed Irish on the lower east side of NY? Or are they stopping Nordic individuals or brits in  Arizona and asking them for "papers please?  Of course not! And notice how whenever race comes into play they can allways find a willing token to step forward and be a "credit to their race"! But I ask you ,can anyone cite just what Marco Rubio has done to advance the cause of Latinos' in America? The sad and shameful fact is that, In America, race has become THE primary motivaor and tool as it pertains to politics. It is a slimy undercurrent, the proverbial scar on America's face that everyone is trying not to look at! And as this race for the presidency becomes more and more political, we, as Americans need to take a good hard look at the horrendous politics of race that is being pursued in 2012!!!

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