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Monday, June 11, 2012

Much Ado about Nothings?

It is becoming more and more appararent that, in this electorial cycle, there continues to be much ados about nothings when it comes to statements and supposed missstatements being made by the candidates! I mean you take a clear fact based statement like the one the president Made about the private sector, and in a matter of Hrs its twisted by the media machine into speculative nonsense! And the candidates arent doing much to help themsleves, playing right into the hands of the media grist mill clarifying and walking back "misstatements" that werent even so!!! Enough allready!! There are real issues and real facts that are not being addressed on this presidental trail we dont need this catch as catch can, gotcha type of politics that are being played! Lets talk about Jobs, the economic order, the state of the world, not he said, she said, speculative BS!!!!

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