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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

random thoughts in the aftermath of the Wisconsin Vote

After a night of loathing and revulsion about America in the aftermath of the Wisconsin vote, I decided to craft together a few random thoughts about the political situation in America and the repercussions of the Wisconsin debacle! Firstly, it clearly shows how committed the republicans are to winning in 2012! They knew that the significance of a loss would be of major effect to  their national efforts if Walker fell, and that is why so much resource was devoted to bolstering him!Now if only  the democrats could muster that same level of commitment to their cause! In the aftermath of the Wisconsin vote , it should be readily apparent that the greatest danger to America is not some arab terrorist, but a midwestern Tea bagger!!!! I wonder just how many of these people who supported Walker and who support the undercutting of Unions in America would be secure financially and in their lives if it wasnt for unions!!!???? Wisconsin shows just how deeply divided this country is, and whos dividing it!!! Can anyone truly explain to me their reasoning on how America is somehow better off economically without collective bargaining rights? And lastly this debacle in Wisconsin should serve as a wake up call, because it has placed the republicans in a primed position, without debates or any real question facing their candidate, congress and the republican media can carry the load!  Right now the theatre of public perception is the field of political battle, and it is time that the President understands this! Because make no mistake this is WAR, as in AutoBots and Decepticons, and its winner take all!!! Its time for the democrats to mount a major Media surge, and maintain it all the way until Nov.!!! Because if they dont, the Wisconsin debacle, coupled with another major public debacle(as in a partisan Supreme Court verdict on Obama care) then both the Obama presidency and perhaps this nation and world is toast!!!

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