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Monday, July 9, 2012

The economy stupid!!!

Here we are, some 13 years after the clinton economic expansion and its still about the economy stupid!!! And as Romney & President Obama Jockey for position on the issue, it is clear that he who makes the case to the american people about the economy will win the white house! And when it comes to making a case, I find it strange that President Obama, who is supposedly  a Harvard lawyer, cannot seem to make a stronger case publically on the economy!!! I would think that legal expertise would serve him well in that regard, pointing to the facts and evidence to lead the impounded jury, that jury being the American public to a conclusion regarding who is better suited to address the economic misfortunes of america and more importantly, who indeed is responsible for same!!! America has had the "benefit" of the Bush tax cuts since the Bush administration and what has it garnered? 8 percent unemployment and a ever widening gap between rich and poor, the Job creators have not been doing what they are vehemently stating the Bush tax cuts will do IF they are maintained! And there are other facts of evidence that have yet to be put forward by the president to the court of the American voter that would, if presented correctly, lead even the most stubborn of voter to the conclusion that Mr. Obama is not the culprit here! But that is what it boils down to. It is indeed now, in 2012, what it was in 1992, its still the economy and its way past time for the American public to stop being stupid about it!!! And that task, that education on the fact, must be done by President Obama! He must make the case, in a lot stronger manner than he has,perhaps abandoning Harvard reserve for Johhnie Cochran Bombosity!! Because Ignorance on the economy is turning into electorial bliss for Mitt Romney and the republicans!!!

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