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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bain of Romneys existance?

The Obama campaign has clearly scored a major political point with the continued focus on Bain capital, and , with the agony being so apparent on every major republican face, Mitt Romney must find a way to pull this thorn out of his side, because the longer it festers, the more damage is done! Mitt must remember that this is it, there is no tomorrow for him, he cant afford to hold back, to be private! For all intents and purposes this Bain  issue has become his "birther "moment and he needs to bite the bullet and release his tax forms, and hope for the best! Because as the question continues to linger in the minds of the voter, Mitt is losing the most important ground of all: Perception in the minds of the voter! Positive perception that is! Release the information to the public Mitt, because until you do it will continue to be the "Bain" of your political existance!!!

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