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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The romney campaign(swimming with a anchor)

It is so highly amusing to hear all the conservative commentators and their remarks on why Mitt Romney isnt winning this race handily, and why he isnt pulling away from President Obama in the polls and things of that nature when the answer is oh so very clear!Mitt Romney was indeed the Best candidate that the republicans had to offer when this election cycle began.   He was a Progressive Republican. A republican that could appeal to moderates and conservatives, a republican that could win a national election. But, Like John Mccain before him, Romney has been Hamstrung and hoisted on the petard of rabid and unreasoning Tabloid republicanism, and Fox news conservativsm! He has been forced to go from a Mass. Moderate whose signature, Achievement ,Health Care, was lauded and celebrated as the way to go, to a rabid conservative who,like all others in this tabloid regime, are toeing the media line! And that is why Mitt isnt winning, that is why he cant make up any ground, because he has to be careful not to step on any toes! It's sad that He(Mitt) is running to be leader of the free world, but he has to be more concerned with what Rush Limbaugh might say, or what Fox news might present as opposed to say foriegn  policy or Economic strategy! It's like swimming with a anchor!!! And to be frank if Mitt is going to  sooner or later he is going to have to take a stand and prove to the american voters that he is his own man, as opposed to placating the media fringe, for if he doesnt, he will lose, and he will have noone but the tabloidism and media of the new republican party to blame!!!

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