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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romneys Night Out!

AS Mitt Romney prepares for his big night out in Tampa Fla. next week he has finally reached the top of the Republican Mountain! And as he prepares to reach for the brass ring, the presidency of the United States, he(Romney) Must convince the American people at his big night out next week that the foundation , THAT foundation on which he stands, that republican foundation is solid and believable! This will be the biggest night of Mitt Romneys life, and this must be the best speech of his life! Because next week in Tampa he must convince America and americans voters that he is ready to be president! This will be his debut, his coming out party and he must present himself as the"belle of the ball"! Because there will be no second chance, no do overs! Mitt Romney must be, if only for one night, a man of the people, not a candidate! He must realize that the race has been run, and the nomination won!Next week, and every week after that Mitt Romney must be presidential! And next week in Tampa Fla. Will be a VERY big step toward that goal! So put on your dancing shoes Mitt, because the floor is now yours!

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