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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney's line in the sand!(The Ryan pick for VP)

With his pick of Paul Ryan as VP. Mitt Romney has not only drawn a line in the political sand of America, but he has crossed one as well! And that line is the one beyond reason! Mitt has, with this pick branded himself, and allied himself with the rabid, red meat conservatives of America! He has with this Ryan pick, made this election A us versus them affair, and he has served notice with this Ryan pick, that unions, seniors, women , and minorites are in the crosshairs! Paul Ryans one claim to fame was the outrageous budget proposal he made a year or so back, a budget so outrageous that even the most conservative of republicans backed away from it! And this full embracement of such a man, has negated any and all hopes of a cross over vote for Romney, and it has almost certainly torpedoed his chance for a substantial independant vote! With this VP pick, the co-opting of Mitt Romney by the radical right is complete! There is no room for moderates or moderation in the republican party and this VP pick proves it! And that is sad because the fact is, A republican moderate could actually had won this election!Mitt Romney, by drawing this line in the sand so to speak with this VP pick has began a political war in America that frankly, with Paul Ryan standing beside him, he will not be able to win! Because in profitting
by embracing rabid conservatism, he has, by picking Paul Ryan, lost any hope of connecting to the soul of America and the voters of same!!!!! And that will become rapidly evident in the next few weeks, when Ryans signature acheivement comes home to roost! The pick of Paul Ryan as VP has put the Romney campaign and will keep the campaign on the defensive! And in the critical final months of this race, that is a place that Romney shouldnt be, and with a cant miss target as
Paul Ryan is that is where the Romney campaign will be!

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