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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hurry up and Wait!!!(Hurricane Sandy Aid)

On Oct 30, 2012 Hurricane Sandy vented its full fury on NY, NJ and the tri state area,devastating the metropolitian captiol of the USA with floods and structural damage. Flash forward to Today, Jan 5, 2013. MONTHS later, where ,due to politics, and politics alone, NO money has been appropiated by the US congress to address the situation! The metropolitian capitol of the US, and indeed the world, was crippled by a act of nature! Thousands of Americans homeless and with earned doubt about their future and all the US congress can do is tell them Hurry up and wait!!!!??????  This is a travesty, and as this congress is so keen to call for investigations and hearing and such, why dont they call for hearings into the abysmally slow response time of the US Congress to the needs of the American people in NY & NJ?!!! Where is John Mccain, Kelly Ayotte and their likes on this issue? Or Darrell Issa? How many people have died or suffered irreparable harm due to the US congress essentially telling the Governments and people of NY & NJ to Hurry up and wait?!!!! It is unacceptable that some 3 months after Sandy hit, the US congress is dragging its feet as it pertains to Disaster relief, and this hurry up and wait posture, and the damage that it causes, is definately cause for a congressional hearing and review, and I hope that the congressional delgation of NYS pushes for same!!!

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