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Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Horror Story(The new Republican Party

It's the typical American Horror Story! Driven by madness, a creation is made. A creation that, contrary to its creators wishes, begins to run amok and wreak havok on everyone, not just who or what it was originally intended to do! The typical American Horror Story, and it has become the Republican Party and Speaker John Boehners living nightmare! The new republicans IE: the tea party, were supposed to be a covert wing for the republicans that would engineer, with their extreme conservatism, a groundswell movement that would give total control of Washington to the republicans, but, just like in the horror movies, this monster had a mind of its own, and that mind didnt and doesnt much agree with its creators or their original intentions!!! So now the republican party is now in great danger, due to a monster of its own making! A monster that has even the most staunch of so- called conservatives living in fear! The new republicans are now the future of the republican party, and that means, to the horror of the the old guard, that there may be no future for them!!!  But while this development may be great for the future of democratic politics, this republican monster presents a great danger to the nation as a whole, because when debts cant get paid, when emergency appropiations cant be made, it is clear that it is time for , just like in the horror movies, the villagers to rise up and destroy the monster!!! And bring a happy ending to this American horror story that the new republicans, the tea partiers of capitol hill are starring in!!!

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