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Friday, January 18, 2013

The fight that must be fought( The assualt weapons ban)

As the US Congress prepares to enagage in the debate they dont want it must be understood that this fight, the fight to ban assault weapons in the United States is the fight that must be fought!!!! Too many lives have been lost in America for this cause to not be taken up! And to the fringe republicans and such who, with fear , hysteria, and gutter politics, would trivialize the issue, all i can say is shame!!!! And I wonder if your stance would change if you were one of the parents who buried a child in Newtown? I wonder if your rabble rousing irrationale would remain if you were one of the people in the theatre in Aurora Il. on that fateful night?
 I wonder if your politics would change if it was your son who didnt return home from fighting the good fight,from fighting a fire in Webster NY?!!! Simply put this a fight that must be fought, and this is a fight that must be won, because quite frankly the bllod of all these and many more is squarely on the hands of Congress!!! A congress who lacked the courage to do whats right and  a congress who put politics ahead of the public welfare!!! This is the  fight that must be fought!  A fight for common and pure decency in America!This a fight of truth against lies, of greed vs the public interest! And it is the height of cowardice that far too many in congress are afraid to wage it.! It's time to dispel the smoke and mirrors, the misinformation, and the outright lies!!! Its time to ban assault weapons in America! They are a danger to the public health and welfare and it has been proven time and time again, from Columbine to Newtown!!!! This is THE fight that must be fought on Capitol hill, and for the soul of America, for the perception of America in the eyes of the world, and its citizens, it is a fight that must be won! And shame on the cowards who are afraid to fight it ,and the cowards who are forcing it to be waged!!!! Assault weapons have NO, I repeat , NO value in America!Ad it will not impugn  one persons right if they are banned!!! This is not a fight for rights, this is a fight to save lives! And if you believe otherwise, then you are on the wrong side of things! Right now the eyes of 20 Children are looking at us from heaven, and they are no doubt wondering what the hell is going on???!!! Why there is so much doubt and fear in America, and hesitation to do what must be done, to do what is RIGHT!!!!???? This fight must be fought, in the honor of those children that died too soon, and who didnt have to die, if only congress had the courage to act! So with the blood of these children still fresh in our memories congress, the time has once again come! Do you have the courage to act? DO you?!!! Ban assault weapons in America!!! It's the right thing to do, and well worth the fight!!!!

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