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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Children!

AS the Obama administration put what is important back out there for the public to consider in regards to Guns and gun violence in America , I can only say AMEN to the effort! Because in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newton, Americans, lost in hatred, racism and hysteria stoked by conservatives and radical republicans, have represented themselves to their fellow citizens and the world poorly! What  was Americans response to the Murder of Children? We buy guns off of the shelves and out of the stores!!! Instead of having a primary concern about saving our children and ending gun violence, our concern is to save GUNS and the gun industry!!! In the aftermath of Newtown, we have seen nothing but UGLY!!! From madmen talking revolution, to the usual fol-de-roll regarding the issues of guns on capitol hill!!! And not one word about the Children!!!!!! People are ready to go to war over guns, but they avoid and shirk the fight for children!? SHAMEFUL!!!
AS this conversation continues and as action is taken, I for one, hope that , in America, on  this issue, we can get our priorites in order!! Its not about Politics, its not about money, its not about TV or radio ratings, Its about the children!!!!And if there is any decency left in this nation we should be able, be we republican or democrats, conservative or liberal, to do what needs to be done to preserve them!!!! For the Children damn you!!!! BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW!!!!!

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