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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Politics, Politics.Politics!!!(notes from the Political pad)

A few notes from the political pad: What happened to John Mccain? Where is the model of fairness and consistency? The guy everybody liked? The straight shooter? The MAVERICK?!!! Because this bitter, petty, and partisan old man is not the John Mccain America has come to know and love! Hooray for immigration reform!! But the best way to reform immigration is for Arizona to become a blue state! Marco Rubio as the savoir of the Republican party? Nah, I dont think so! Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot!Now that Hillary is out of the Obama administration, it will be intersting to see what high profile posittion she assumes to keep herself in the public eye until 2013. Perhaps the Chair for NOW(National Organization for Women) 2016 is a long way off, too long for even Hillary to be out of the public eye, if she is to contend for history again in 2013. Gabriele Giffords may be the most powerful advocate we have IN America to advance gun regulation and the banning of assault weapons!  Farewell to Former Mayor Ed Koch, a true NYer in every sense of the word. and farewell to Sarah Palin as well the clock on the 15 mins has finally ran out! And lastly with our children becoming targets and prey in America, I think it would make good sense to taking any and all actions to keep them safe, and that includes gun control!  Pray for the children and then act on their behalf America!!!

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