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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union Post analysis(the Good, the Bad, and the downright UGLY!!)

IN the aftermath of the Presidents State of the State address, and the responses from the republicans and their tea party, we can truly say that it was a picture of the good, the bad and the downright ugly!!! The good being President Obama's speech, which hit upon the usual "pedestrian"( and Im using that sarcastically Mitch Mcconnell) rationale of Gov stepping up for those who cannot step up for themselves, pushing for economic action and the furthering of education and training, as well as pushing for action to address the out of control gun culture in America. In response to this good came Marco Rubio, who, with his public access level speech, and actions during same( by the way Marco, every public speaker knows to hydrate before speaking, even those on public access) proved that he is not ready for prime time or the national stage! It seems that the republicans are in a never ending camapign mode, and Mr. Rubio's speech clearly reflected that! And then we get to the downright UGLY, which was Rand Paul and his full and public embracement of the madness that is the TEA Party!!! According to Rand,  Obama  is king, and we need assault weapons to defend ourselves from him and his agenda! Rand Paul for president? Good luck with that Rand! In the end, it was and is clear that, for far too many in America, politics is more important to them than rational and needed policy! And that is sad, not only for President Obama but for America who , if last night was any indication, has nothing to look forward but more of the same old political same old from the republicans and their tea party!

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