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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playing Chicken!!!

I wonder  what it will take for the republican party to stop playing chicken with the financial fortunes and social welfare of the USA! Because as we continually careen from one legislative/fiscal crisis to the next, it is unacceptable that our elected officials, for the sake of politics and political ambition, continue to flirt with disaster for the american public!!!!
Playing chicken , simply put, is no way to run a government!!! Playing chicken, to be frank is no way to LEAD! and it certainly is no way to meet a responsibility given you! I wonder how the founding fathers would look upon the congress if they could see it now!!! I am sure that all their fears , all their reservations that they had way back when would be realized in the current republican lead House of Representitives!!!! Simply put, it is way past time for Political games and gamesmanship to be ended, and it time for this congress, as they did back in 1776, to put aside politics, put aside differances, and beliefs for the good of the UNION!!! Stop playing chicken and stop flirting with disaster!!! Honor those whose seats you now sit in, whose steps you now walk in!!!! And stop acting like Ignorant petulant irresponsible children!!! Because when the inevtiable happens and you wreck the car, it will be others who have to pay for your irresponsibility!!!!! Others who can, given the situation in America NOW, cannot afford to do so!!!

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