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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A kind of Madness(blaming Obama for the STUPIDQUESTER!!!)

Simply put, it is indeed a kind of Madness, as Bob Woodward has stated, that allows republicans, and some people in the Media to actually blame President Obama for the "stupidquester" that is looming over the American people and economy like a sword of Damocles!!!! You have had your pick of crisises over the last five years, and at the heart of each and every one of them has been the Republicans and their need  to Massively resist President Obama in order to advance themselves politically!!! And as we close in on the deadlne before the point of no return, as we reach the latest republican created "fiscal cliff", The republicans continue in their political vein!!! Speaker Boehner, the picture of a former speaker walking that he is, effectively kicking the can down the road to the Senate!! Simply put the "stupidquester" and the president's role in it, is a role created by necessity, a necessity created by the republican party and their clear and stated intentions to undermine the the Obama presidency at any cost and by any means necessary!! And it is a kind of Madness, the madness called Denial, that would lead anyone to even consider blaming President Obama for the madness of the" Stupidquester"!!!! Esepcially given the recent public hiistory of the matter and the FACTS!!!!!!

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