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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the Buisness of Politics Vs the Buisness of the People!(the Stupidquester!!!)

AS the "stupidquester" and other such republican fueled nonsense continues unabated on capitol hill, it is clear to see who is engaged in the buisness of Politics on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and who is trying to engage in the buisness of the people there! For as the republicans, lead by John Boehner continue to play politics with the american economy and the american people, it should be radically clear, to even the most partisan of Americans, just what buisness the Republicans are in! Simply put, Politics is the buisness of Politicans while Government is the buisness of the People!!! And the republicans are and have been so busy conducting the buisness of Politics that they cant get the buisness of  the people done, which is governing!!!! You werent and arent elected to be Politicans republicans, you were and are elected to Govern, and you cant govern by politicking!!! Politics isnt putting people back to work, keeping kids in school, keeping needed facilities open, or keeping families and this nation safe!! And the sooner you realize that the better off this nation will be!!! Its time to end the political buisness IE: the "Stupidquester" and get down the the Buisness of the People which is Governing!!!!!!!! Which is what you were elected to do!!!!!!!

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