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Friday, February 22, 2013

The "Nero" Congress!

AS the story goes, Emperoro Nero Fiddled while Rome burned, and now it seems that this republican congress is following Nero's example by being out of session (again) while economic disaster looms!!! How is it that you are elected , essentially  hired to do the peoples buisness, but yet, whenever there is a IMPORTANT issue to be dealt with, Speaker Boehner and his fellows allways, and I mean ALLWAYS pick up the ball and go home!!! This is the picture and height of governmental irresponsibility!!! That while America is, for all intents and purposes, nearly ready to be set on fire fiscally and socially,   instead of burning the midnight oil, addressing the issue, this congress would rather fiddle around at home!!! And of course its allways the same excuse, "the president wont engage, its the presidents fault"! Two words and the first one is BULL!!! Simply  put, this congress needs to be in Washington, PERIOD! And it is a disservice to the American people that they are not! And the blame for that is certainly not with the President of the USA, it is with the leadership of the congress, specifically the leadership of the House!!! And as America burns, this congress, and Speaker Boehner should be the ones to feel the fire!!!!
Irresponsibilty and failed leadership, its that simple, and they(The Republican Congress) should be called, VERY PUBLICALLY, on the carpet for it! Because they should be at work, not at home!!!!

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